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AI-Generated Images for International Travel Agency

Are you already planning your vacation? We are sure you'll start wondering about it, after reading this case study on AI-generated visuals for an international travel agency.

About the Client

Our client was an international tourism agency. It is a reliable and well-established company with more than 27 years of history on the market with a strong reputation and recognizable brand.

The Task

The client prepares a new concept for their promotional campaign each year, and they choose AI-generated images for 2024. They needed a pack of images to use in outdoor advertising, as well as for merchandise creation and printed materials (folders, notebooks, calendars).

Work Process

The client provided information on their target audience: They are active people aged 25-55, families with children under 18. The female audience (62%)  is larger than the male one (38%). Most often they are middle and senior managers by occupation. These people value comfort and trust well-known companies that have been successfully operating in the market for a long time. We created visuals containing scenes appealing to the target audience.

Our team generated a ton of images in different concepts and we approved 14 of them with the client. Still there was a lot of work to be done: we needed to change some colors, objects, people’s faces, hairstyles and other details. The output of generative AI tools is raster graphics (like a photo), so we manually redrew and fine-tuned all the image components so the final visual would translate the client's identity and values in the best possible way.

We prepared multiple resizes and formats for each AI-generated image so the client can easily create all the necessary materials they need for promotional campaigns. Considering the fact that we needed a huge — 4 by 2 meters — banner to be placed in the airport, the quality of the image had to be flawless. In order to create such a big high-quality image we used an AI-plugin for image scaling.


By the project finalization the travel agency received 14 visuals in several formats and resizes, ready to be used in advertising materials and merchandise. Each image was fine tuned by our team to make sure the visuals align with the client vision and appeal to all the segments of the target audience. The images are already being used for outdoor advertising and for branded printed materials.