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Ankr - Explainer Video for Web3 Ecosystem

Ankr is a multi-chain Web3 infrastructure. They needed a video to explain their values and mission and to show themselves as guides to the Web3 ecosystem.

The Task

Ankr is moving to a decentralized system and encourages others switch to it too. The main task was to show Ankr as educators and mentors who can lead other companies to Web3.


We made a 90-sec 2D animated explainer video that tells about the Ankr platform, their vision and values. In the video, we emphasized that Ankr supports and rewards their partners and developers.

We got the draft of the script from the client and rewrote it to fit short video format and to appeal target audience in more effective way. Style and color scheme were chosen based on Ankr’s visual identity, so that the video would contribute to client’s brand awareness.


The video explained client’s mission and values in an accessible way.

The explainer reinforced client’s positioning as a leader to Web3.