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Brand Identity Development for AI-Powered App Shader

Our long-term client Shader – an AI-enhanced social camera – needed a brand identity that would reflect their essence and business mission, as well as appeal to the target audience. We developed a strong brand and holistic design system for them.


Previously we designed a landing page and image video, as well as a pitch deck for Shader. At that point, the client didn't have a logo and other brand elements, so we proposed our own vision of the design. The client liked the style that was used. It was also very successful among investors and resonated with the client's target audience.

The Task

The client's project is dynamically developing and thus the need to develop a complete brand identity was formed. As part of the brand development, we needed to create a logo, visual style, logo, color palette, 2 types of app icon and logo book.


Together with the client, we made a list of branding elements that needed to be developed. We approved a plan with the client to develop a logo book, which included the following sections: logo, color palette, typography, brand elements, digital elements, branding application.


The “SHADER” logo represents a stylish and modern design executed in a graphic form. It features a unique combination of shapes and colors, making it memorable and appealing. It reflects innovation, creativity, professionalism, and friendliness.

We included several logo variations in the logo book: two main variations with different border outlines, monochrome versions, color variations, shortened versions, as well as examples of incorrect usage.

Color palette


We selected primary and additional fonts for Shader’s branding. For body text and headings, a custom version of Inter with tighter letters and words, resulting in excellent scalability and readability. The additional font used is Editorial New, which features delicate, slightly curved serifs, high contrast between thin and bold strokes, and balanced proportions.

Brand Elements – Pattern, Icons, Illustrations

In brand guidelines we included such brand elements as patterns, icons and illustrations. Checkered Pattern can be used for the background that features regular square cells that can be used to create a structured and graphic visual effect. Polka Dot Pattern features evenly spaced dots that create a playful and light-hearted effect.

We also provided a set of additional elements – including illustrations – that serve to enhance the visual identity of our brand. These illustrations are carefully designed to complement and emphasize the overall aesthetic of our brand, adding a touch of creativity and uniqueness.

Digital Elements

Digital brand elements included favicon, profile icon, watermark and packshot.

These elements create a unique and memorable image as well as help people identify and remember the brand.

Branding Application

In the final part we included visual examples of how branding can be used on merchandise and live events.


The developed brand perfectly captures the essence of Shader and appeals to the app's target audience. The provided logo book provides quick access to all necessary brand elements. The developed identity will be used in the development of the client’s website, which is in the prototyping stage at the moment.