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Branded Video for CFI Trading Provider

CFI is an award-winning trading provider, possessing more than 25+ years of experience and operating worldwide. They came to us with a request to create a strong branded video to use in a TV promotional campaign.

The Task

CFI needed a live-action 30-second video for promotion on TV. Our task was to provide a full-cycle video production for the client.


We have provided a complete production cycle for the client: brief development, treatment, filming arrangement and post-production.

The creative idea was to show that the whole world is made up of patterns. “Patterns are the language of nature”, some people try to fit into them or memorize them, and others try to understand them. CFI provides the key to this understanding and gives its users a competitive advantage in dynamically changing markets.

Our team developed a detailed storyboard with illustrations to approve every scene with our client, making sure we are delivering the right messages throughout all the video.

The next step was script writing and creating a voiceover. CFI needed several versions of the brand video: in English, in Egyptian Arabic, and Lebanese Arabic. We also adapted the video for radio broadcasting, creating an audio-only version.


We developed an effective promotional video for CFI, including all production stages from ideation to post-production. The client got a stunning 30-seconds brand video with adaptations in 2 languages, as well as a radio version.