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CGI Video for ICON X Company

They say beauty requires sacrifice, but we know it requires marketing and viral content! ICON X, professional PMU product provider, asked SLON to create a CGI video for them to promote their Icon Lip Pigment on social media.


ICON X is a company that offers a wide range of high-quality professional beauty products from Permanent Make Up (PMU) machines to brow and lips pigments. They wanted to promote their lip pigment on social media in order to increase brand awareness and attract the target audience.


We came up with an idea for a trendy CGI video content. In the video we planned to show a 3D model of a box from which bottles of pigment are falling out. We shot a background video in Israel, making sure it corresponds to all requirements:

  1. There should contain as little information noise as possible, such as adverts and rubbish
  2. No people in the frame
  3. Technical requirements to the quality of shooting
  4. Capture enough ground in the frame, as it was planned to be the center of the action

Once we got an ideal background video we created a storyboard for the future CGI video in order to approve all the scenes with our client.

Once the storyboard was approved, we started the modeling phase and created a 3D box with a bow, which is later untied so that the ICON X pigment spills out onto the ground. 3D models of the pigment were provided by the client. We also added the ICON X logo to the billboard in the background.

On the rendering stage, we added texture to the models and made the AR video more realistic. We also corrected the background noise for the video by removing speech from it, in order not to distract the viewer's attention.


ICON X received a publication-ready CGI video in optimal quality and format for social media. The video was posted on the client’s Instagram account and started receiving views, likes and comments immediately after publication.