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De Medici DAO Renaissance Video and Illustrations

His Highness CreatorVerse deigned to come to us with a request to create an explainer video and a set of illustrations for the De Medici DAO project. Their humble servant SLON Media helped to attract investment to the client's treasury and strengthen the support of his subjects.

The Task

To attract investments to the project with the help of a 2D product video. As well as to develop a set of static illustrations for the client's website to strengthen the brand's online presence.

Website Illustrations

First, our team developed a set of static illustrations for the De Medici DAO website. We defined a unique style with a Renaissance vibe.

Explainer Video

For the explainer video, we created a script and gathered visual references. We used the same eye-catching style as we did for the illustrations.

In order to highlight specific moments in the explainer we strategically added sound effects. We offered our client to do the voiceover to add a personal touch to the video.


The video brought investments in the De Medici DAO project.

Illustrations reinforced the client's brand and increased brand awareness.