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Dedicated Creative Team for EPAM Training Center

In collaboration with EPAM, a global IT leader, we contributed to the promotion of EPAM's Training Center through a meticulously crafted animated promo video and сreative posts for their Telegram channel.

About the Client

EPAM is a global leading IT company that leads the industry in digital platform engineering and product development services. Their EPAM Training Center helps you gain market-oriented skills to jumpstart your career and lead in a technology-driven future.

The Main Quest

  1. To dynamically present the enhanced UX/UI through animation, aligning with the new style, for both external promotion and internal presentations. Commissioned to promote EPAM's Training Center, SLON Media focused on producing a compelling promo video.
  2. To develop engagement with the community of the training center through creative content.


Promotional video

Throughout the process, our teams worked hand-in-hand to ensure that the essence of EPAM's Training Center was authentically captured. EPAM provided our production team with voiceover that added a personalized touch, enhancing the video's impact.

Creative Posts

As part of the creation of creative posts, we have developed a package of static and video creatives for various info occasions, ranging from announcements of trainings to animations for the anniversary of the Telegram channel launching. Each post received in average 11K views and tons of positive feedback from the channel members.


The outcome is a captivating promo video strategically designed to highlight the EPAM Training Center's revamped UI. Serving as a powerful tool for external promotion and internal presentations, the video effectively communicated the center's mission. The success of the video underscores its effectiveness in communicating EPAM's commitment to advancing technological skills.

Static and animated creatives contributed to building an active community around the EPAM Training Center and establishing strong client relationships with the audience.