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Kids vs Zombies by Donut Lab - Set of Creatives

People say you need to eat healthy food to live longer and stay young. Well, not in this case... In the post-apocalyptic world created by Donut Lab you have to eat donuts simply to survive and avoid becoming a zombie.

The Task

Donut Labs needed a set of video creatives to launch social campaigns on Facebook and TikTok and acquire new users for their mobile game Kids vs Zombies. The special focus was given to the visual style of creatives to match the actual game elements.


Our team developed concepts and created 15 creatives: five animated 2D videos with game characters for Facebook and ten native live-action specifically for TikTok users. We made a research on the latest TikTok trends among the game target audience and matched their preferences with our concepts. Check out the bonus ASMR video!


The videos were displayed in promo campaigns on Facebook and TikTok and helped to acquire tons of new users.