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Live Action Video Creatives for Promoting Colouring Paintings

We filmed and localized a set of live action video creatives for the paid advertisement of coloring paintings by an e-commerce company.

The Task

To film creatives for coloring paintings that will help them to sell out better. It was necessary to show the process of making such paintings and what is included in the set. It was also necessary to make versions in 3 languages (English, German and Spanish) and 4 resizes.


The creative idea and the concept were developed together with the client. The project consisted of the following steps:

Scriptwriting and its translation into English, German and Spanish.

  • Preparation of the location for filming;
  • The first day of filming - showcase of the product, initial stages of drawing the pictures;
  • Drawing the paintings for video almost up to the final result;
  • The second day of filming - painting process and completed paintings;
  • Video editing
  • Localization and resizing.


1. 2 videos were localized in 3 languages and resized in 4 formats.

2. The videos were used for paid advertising and helped the client to considerably increase the number of sales.