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Promo Video for CFI: Be One Step Ahead

After the first breathtaking video CFI came back to us with another idea. In partnership with Sheffield United football club they wanted to film a promotional video in order to use it in a marketing campaign.

The Task

The client was planning a marketing campaign aimed to increase brand awareness. The main tool to reach their goals was a product video. Our primary task was to help CFI create a catchy, effective video about their product.


The script was proposed by the client as well as the concept. The idea of the video was to show the superiority of professionalism over any conditions using the analogy of a tense football match. We did the director's treatment, pre-production, filming and post-production with localizations (English, Arabic, Jordanian).


The first stage of the work was the preparation of the director's treatment. We carefully spelled out all the details and selected visualizations for the treatment to shape an idea of the future video for the client. It also helped the team to consider what resources would be needed for the shoot.

Pre-Production and Filming

At the pre-production stage, we planned and organized the filming process, including casting, location selection and more.

During the filming on the field we had to work in unfavorable weather conditions, which complicated the process, but nevertheless did not prevent us from shooting all the necessary shots.


At the post-production stage we put all the components of the video together. First, we carefully edited the filmed footage. One of the difficulties in video-editing was the stage of drawing the grass for the football field: due to the weather conditions during filming, it did not look the way it was supposed to.

We then added motion design and voiceover to the video in three languages – English, Arabic, Jordanian – bringing them to completion.


CFI received ready-to-use promotional videos in three localisations as well as white-label videos. The videos received outstanding feedback from the client and its partners and are currently being used in the client's marketing campaign.