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Promo Video for Crypto Startup YDragon

YDragon is a blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem startup. They're preparing to launch so we helped them to create a teaser video.

The Task

Create an animated teaser video to announce the forthcoming launch of the project and acquire the first users.


Together with the client, our team developed the creative idea and the script. Throughout the workflow, we showed snippets of the video to the client. We've developed the color scheme, the style of the video, 3D assets and created motion graphics out of it.

Several words from the YDragon team describing the video:

"It starts off with a dragon in the distance and it zooms into its eye where it then opens and awakens. The video then pans to other blockchain cryptocurrencies which are then burnt into ash. This ash then forms an egg which represents our indexes, and then cracks and opens. Finally, the shot ends with brand logo and tagline being the final frame."


The video was shown to the community and generated tons of excitement and interest.