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Promo Video for MyNFTWars: Riftwardens' Alpha Release

SLON is a big fan of adventures, that’s why we were especially thrilled by working with MyNFTWars: Riftwardens. Join us on a journey through the realm of crypto-collectible gaming where quests, challenges, and epic battles come to life in an immersive NFT universe!

About the Client

MyNFTWars:Riftwardens is an innovative open-market crypto-collectible game that combines a unique experience of classic RPG with the immersive world of NFTs.

The Task

The client has been getting ready for alpha release. They needed an animated promo video for the launch campaign to attract the target audience.

“Let the Battle Begin!”

MyNFTWars: Riftwardens came to us with a draft of a scenario. Collaborating closely with the client, we fine-tuned the script and came out with a final version. We approved the scenario with the client and got down to the production process.

We created a storyboard with detailed descriptions for every scene. Once approved, we started drawing the scenes. The environments were generated in Stable Diffusion, using the full variety of extensions, and finalized manually. We also incorporated real game characters into the video to immerse potential users in the atmosphere of the game. Each frame was carefully designed to bring the game's environments and characters to life.

To add a compelling narrative layer, we engaged a professional voiceover artist, who breathed life into the story. Our choice of music was equally important. After careful selection and blending, three tracks were combined to enhance the video's emotional impact.

Next, we seamlessly integrated all our efforts, using motion design and animation to craft an immersive promo video.


As our adventure unfolded, we delivered a breathtaking promo video, complete with captivating environments and authentic game characters, just in time for MyNFTWars: Riftwardens alpha release.

The video was shared on the MyNFTWars: Riftwardens social media accounts – YouTube, Discord, Telegram and Twitter– and is working for the client's image and enhancing the game community. Additional footages not included in the final video found purpose as social media covers and avatars, further reinforcing the game's online presence.

The video was also placed on the MyNFTWars: Riftwardens landing page. Scenes from the promo are used in a home page header. This strategic placement ensured that every visitor to the website was instantly captivated by the allure of MyNFTWars: Riftwardens' immersive gaming world.