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Service Promo Video for Dufrain

Dufrain is a data management and analytics consultancy company from Edinburgh. They provide data engineering and business intelligence services. SLON Media was asked to film a service promo video for them.

The Task

To create a video that will attract an audience and promote their new service — business intelligence centers. It was necessary to show the working process and how it can benefit any business owner.


A  team of more than 30 people took part in the whole production process.

SLON Media developed the concept and script of a video and presented it to Dufrain. After approval of the storyboard, our team moved forward with casting and location picking. Filmings were held in three locations and the shooting shift lasted 14 hours. Even though our filming team is located in Minsk, we were able to hire English native speakers for acting.

Our live-action video emphasized the current problems of business communications and offered Dufrain services as a solution. The slogan for the service presentation: New approach, same core values! Now the video is used as a commercial on British TV.


The commercial video was launched on British TV.

Combination of live-action filmings and motion graphics.

Increased sales of Dufrain services.