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User Generated Creatives and Assets for Lensa

Prisma Labs, famous for their AI photo-editing mobile app, wanted to promote their new product – Lensa. They asked SLON Media to shoot a set of creatives and assets for English and Chinese-speaking TikTok users.


The main goal of videos was to draw the attention of an audience with video ads imitating a user’s experience in the style of recent TikTok trends. A variety of content formats in combination with engaging mechanics and strong community management.

The Task

  1. To make UGC-style creatives to show on TikTok for native English and Chinese speakers. Lensa wanted to show actors telling about how cool it is to use the Lensa App and to demonstrate the app's capabilities with post-production features.
  2. To create assets based on popular TikTok trends like, for example, before/after trend.


The project was a unique workflow experience. We made a concept based both on the client's references and popular TikTok trends. First, we processed a huge number of trending videos and adapted them to our needs.

The whole production process was done remotely: we held an online audition of native-speakers for videos, as well as we provided full support and control of the shooting process. All actors filmed themselves on their own to create a complete impression that this is personal footage. Then we’ve made videos out of that footage.

Lensa received a set of ready-to-use UA creatives for stories on different social platforms and also assets to produce even more videos.