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Webdesign for IT-event Planning Company SHP

Star Hills Production is an event agency with experience in large-scale and non-standard events. The event guests come from all over the world, and the partners are leaders in their industries. SLON designed a landing page and a logo guide for them.

The Task

To develop a landing page for the agency's services. It was important to create bright, trendy and unique style, as well as to reflect the mood of the agency's events. Their portfolio includes multiple events for IT, blockchain, and investments.


We used unusual elements on the website. For example, interactive particles that can take any shape. The atypical forms on the site create more soulful impression. The portfolio is represented by a mix of photos and gif-animations.

Development Process

Our team developed the Logo Guide which includes logo versions, color schemes and plates, "do not" part, and covers for social media. We also created an administrative panel on Laravel, so SHP can keep the information up to date on their own.


1. Catchy web design full of interactive elements and animations which refers to the agency unique features.

2. Detailed comprehensive Logo Guide.