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Website and Content for KOS Studio

Interior designer Svetlana Koleda, owner of Moon Light Room concept store, asked SLON Media to develop a brand new website for her architecture and design studio KOS

The Task

To create a neat and pleasingly designed website that would organically combine the client’s professional activities and her hobbies (cooking).


The 3 months workflow on the site consisted of 2 main blocks: visual concept and layout development and content production. During the design process, the web developer took inspiration from the current world trends in design and Scandinavian style. We filmed a set of video and photo content.

The project turned out to be a challenge for the team: a lot of work was done to find the right fonts and colors that would satisfy such a creative client. But the result turned out to be the eye-catching website that stands out among other studios.


1. Stylish website design according to the current trends.

2. Search engine optimized content and other website elements.

3. Dozens of photos and videos for different categories produced.