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Website Redesign and Branding for SUAFI

SUAFI came to SLON with a request to redesign their website: they used the previous version since they were a startup and now felt grown up from their web design. SLON developed a functional multi-page website in a new brand identity for them as well as made technical SEO.

About the Client

SUAFl unites lead gen experts, social sellers, and B2B marketers around the globe. They set up and scale outbound customer acquisition campaigns and help the clients’ products (or services) generate new revenue on global markets.

The Task

The client’s company has significantly grown recently both in quantity and quality. They needed to redesign the website and develop corporate style to transmit professionalism and the new business stage.


We proposed to rethink the user experience and logic of the website to make it not only visually appealing but also effective and converting. The stages of work included:

1. Briefing, identifying needs, analyzing the client's audience

2. Research, competitor analysis and website structure development

3. Development of prototypes and preparation of detailed requirements for copywriting.

4. Design. We started with the home page, which had to set the corporate style for the website. The branding had not been established yet. We updated the logo, extended the client's branding and implemented it on the website.

Our team also prepared all visual content for the website: we selected and fine-tuning images, as well as created illustrations from scratch.

On this stage we also developed animations for future website development.

5. Front-end development consisted of the actual and testing. We reviewed animations and corrected some of them if necessary.

6. Back-end development. We chose a platform convenient for management, so we included an easy-to-use admin panel. We've also included feedback forms on many pages.

7. On the release stage we set up hosting and domain, transferred the website to the client's servers and provided post-release maintenance: tested the website on different devices and browsers, ensured the functionality of the forms.

8. Technical SEO included several steps:


The client got the ready website with deeply thought out UX and workflow in a new brand identity, developed by our team. The website structure represents the full service package of the client. It is also technically optimized for search engines and can be used to attract new audiences and convert them into clients.